Why Do Some of My Diamonds Glow?

One question we receive at Lee Read Jewelers in Meridian is, "Why do some of my diamonds glow when they are in black light?" Many times, this happens when you are visiting a nail salon. It is perfectly natural for a diamond to fluoresce and look blue under a UV light.

Is Fluorescence A Bad Thing?

Only a small percentage of natural diamonds fluoresce. In most cases you can’t tell the difference between ones that do and ones that don’t in regular light. In smaller diamonds it’s more of a conversation piece then anything else.

When Is Fluorescence a Good Thing?

Lee Read’s Diamond Experts can show you how larger diamonds that fluoresce, set in engagement rings, are very rare and stunningly beautiful. Fluorescence is not always a good thing in large diamonds. In average to below average diamonds that are slightly cloudy this blue effect will make the stone look blurry or oily.

Why Some Internet Experts Claim Fluorescence Is Bad?

It’s simple, since the internet is all about paying less, chances are very good the diamonds they are selling are average to below average with low transparency, so fluorescence will detract from the look of the diamond.

At Lee Read, we specialize in diamonds. We are always looking for diamonds with exceptional transparency that also have a strong fluorescence. They have an incredible color as they sparkle in natural light.

Where Can I See Diamonds with and without Fluorescence Before I Buy?

Lee Read Jewelers is located near Boise at the Meridian exit of I 84. Come in today and see how beautiful a crystal clear, fluorescent diamond can be. If your shopping for diamonds, ask the salesperson to show you how diamonds fluoresce, if they can’t they don’t know much about diamonds.

Want to know more?

I recommend you follow this link to the American Gem Society’s discussion of fluorescence. Lee Read is a proud member of the AGS and has the only AGS Accredited Gem Lab in Idaho.

So, the next time you see that cool blue light coming from your diamonds you will be the expert.

More #LeeReadian News you can use coming soon.

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