5 Tips When You Need to Treat Yourself

There are so many milestones in life that you might want to remember. From major accomplishments in your career, having a child, significant life transitions…all of these memories, and the feelings they spark inside of you, can be captured with jewelry that you can wear every day. Here are some of our favorite fashion tips to keep in mind for your next trip to Lee Read.


One of the best places to start when building your jewelry wardrobe is with a selection of bands. Stackable, versatile, classic, or extravagant, rings are often one of the first details to be admired about an outfit. Bands offer a variety of ways for you to make a statement. Because they are so versatile, bands easily become an extension of your personal style.

2.Mixed metals

Who says you have to choose one metal style? Some of the most beautiful jewelry wardrobes have a variety of metals to mix and match. Whether it’s white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum, pairing your favorite metals together creates a truly unique aesthetic personal to you.

3.Natural Diamonds vs colored stones

Colored stones are the pop of color you’ve always wanted. They instantly transform a neutral outfit into something captivating. They can be personal, representing your birthstone (or the birthstone of someone you love), or can be practically representing your favorite colors. We recommend using colored stones to contrast or accentuate your natural diamond.

Diamonds are forever is a cliche because it’s true. We offer a variety of beautiful colored stones to add a unique flair to your personal collection of jewelry, however, it is important to remember that when choosing a piece for its longevity, nothing compares to the strength of a diamond.

If you want a pop of color but the strength and beauty of a diamond, check out our Vivid Colors Natural Diamond brand...


While choosing jewelry is a personal experience, based on your unique style, it is also valid to consider questions of function when choosing pieces you hope to wear regularly.

Should I buy a pendant knowing that my toddler might pull on it?

Should I have a detailed band knowing dirt might get caught when I garden?

Would studs be a better option because my hair gets caught in my hoops?

No matter your lifestyle, Lee Read has a variety of options that are both stylish and functional.

5.Personal touch

We know that personal expression is a big motivator behind why you choose the jewelry you choose. When crafting a jewelry wardrobe, you are collecting pieces that represent you, your life, and potentially your relationships.

We begin by scanning the cases to find something that catches your eye.

Then we narrow down your options based on your style or event.

From there, we offer small customizations that can include changing or upgrading a center stone, engraving, or even changing the color of the metal.

We also can offer full custom creation for you to build your dream piece.


What should I expect to budget for a fashion piece?

Fashion pieces are the category with the widest price range. Whether you want something simple or more extravagant, we have something for nearly any budget.

How can I make a piece one of a kind?

We offer a scale of options for you to make the piece personal to you. From something as simple as choosing a different metal, personal engravings, or upgrading the center stone, to more elaborate fully custom pieces, we are here to help you make the piece as unique as you are.

What if I find something I like that I want to purchase at a later date?

No problem. We can keep track of your wish list for you! Our diamond matchmakers will help you create the list of your dreams for you to review at a later date, or pass on to a special someone (hint, hint).

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