5 Tips When Shopping For a Ring Together

Updated: Nov 9

Photo of a couple shopping for engagement rings
Happy couple shopping for their perfect engagement ring

1. Is buying a natural diamond ring together the right step for you?

For many couples, the answer to this question is yes. There are a variety of different ways that this adventure can look unique to what works best for you as a couple. But in general, looking at natural engagement rings together can deepen your relationship and help guide you through each others experiences and style preferences.

2. Know that you are probably viewing the situation from different perspectives.

While you might both be here for the same goal, there are usually slightly different filters that you are viewing this situation through. In most cases, the person purchasing the engagement ring is primarily concerned with cost. It’s not that they don’t want to give their fiance the best ring in the world, it’s just the reality of the situation. On the other hand, the person who will be receiving the ring cares about the budget but also cares about the appearance, the way the ring looks and feels on their specific hand, and the care plan (because they will be the one taking care of it for the rest of their life). Understanding what is going on in your significant other’s mind will better set you up for a successful shopping trip.

3. Support each other.

It’s really easy to forget what this process is about. Remember that you are starting your life together. Natural diamond rings come in a lot of shapes and sizes but only one will be perfect for her. Listen to what your partner wants and be supportive of their preferences. Let yourself explore different natural diamond styles that you might not have thought of before. It’s amazing how different raw diamonds can look in person.

4. Let’s talk budget

To make the very most of your trip to Lee Read Diamonds, talk about the cost with her before you come in. If you have never shopped for a natural diamond engagement ring before, it can be difficult to set a hard and fast budget. However, starting the conversation beforehand can help both of you understand where to start when you get here. We also want to encourage you to be honest with your natural diamond matchmaker once you arrive. They can only help you based on the information you provide them. Remember, #LeeReadians speak the language of love and our matchmakers are here to help you find the engagement ring that speaks to you.

5. Shopping together in-store is a life-changing experience

There are a million reasons why you should see your natural diamond in person before you purchase it. A raw, authentic diamond does not sparkle the same way in a photo. You have to observe it in natural light in order to truly see it for its exceptional beauty. The feel of a ring can completely change what you thought it might look like on you. Not all natural diamond rings will be the perfect fit for you. Lee Read Diamonds offers a variety of settings, cuts, and custom options so that you can find the engagement ring of her dreams together.

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