"Let’s Do This!" – The Beginning

On December 7, 1963, Lee & Maxine Read take a leap and opened the very first Lee Read Jewelers in Downtown Boise Idaho.

The '70s, '80s & 90s

"Time to Grow" – Expansion Starts

In order to keep up with the growth of the Treasure Valley,
we grew from 1 store to 2 …
then from 2 stores to 3 … then from 3 stores to 6.

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“Time to Build the Ultimate Diamond Dream Store”

After growing from 1 store up to 6, Larry and Nelda Read built the Ultimate Brand New Diamond Dream Store in Meridian, Idaho.

This “Dream Store” put the services and selection of 6 small jewelry
stores all into 1 easy-to-find location.


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Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 2.07.25 PM.png

“Time to Upgrade"

In wake of the pandemic, we took the opportunity to update our Diamond Dream Store while our doors were closed. 

Present Day

“Over Half a Century and Still Going Strong”

In the time since 2000, it’s been a “Dream Store” adventure.
We are always working our hardest to be fresh, yet classic and to make
your experience exceptional.

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