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Kaleidoscope Natural Diamonds Are Just That, Natural Diamonds Bursting With Color

Kaleidoscope Natural Diamonds are just as fascinating as your first Kaleidoscope. This unique cut features almost twice the individual facets of an average diamond and splits the white light into a rainbow of colors. If you’re looking for an extraordinary diamond you have to experience what sets the Kaleidoscope Natural Diamonds apart from all the rest.

Regular diamonds have 58 facets, Kaleidoscope Diamonds have 108 facets splintering the light into a rainbow of color.


Whether in the office or at the market, people will be asking about what makes your diamond so different.


Kaleidoscope Diamonds appeal to those that enjoy unusual things in life while maintaining the shape of more traditional diamonds.

Kaleidoscope Diamonds look brighter to the eye than regular diamonds and they are surprisingly affordable.

Words fail to describe the true beauty of a Kaleidoscope Diamond. Come see them for yourself.



Kaleidoscope Natural Diamonds easily steal the show with their dynamic color. We like to think that diamonds have their own personalities...If we had to describe the Kaleidoscope personality, we would call them gorgeous, unique, and lively! 


ITEM #100-01565



We love the simple petal accents on this stunning 18K white gold ring with a 1 cttw center stone. The movement and color really makes you feel like you just slipped the spring season right on your finger. 


ITEM #100-01566



Warm rose gold and stunning accent stones all drawing your eye to the 0.9 cttw center stone bursting with color. This classic beauty really captures your eye.

ITEM #100-01564