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Lee Read
Care Plan

All Inclusive, lifetime care by The Ring Doctors at no charge to you!

1. Select a Lee Read Diamond and mount it in a Lee Read engagement setting.

2. We will keep it looking like new and do all gold work necessary at no charge to you for as long as you own it. 

3. No inspections required

*As a bonus we will even cover all the diamonds from loss for 1 year after any inspection if the loss is due to normal wear and tear. 

  1. We sell only high quality, well-made setting that pass our rigorous quality inspection process.

2. We work directly with The Ring Doctors located in our store. They perform any work automatically each time you have your ring cleaned and inspected and they send us the bill. It’s preventive care for your jewelry.

3. We look forward to helping you celebrate other milestones your life with new Lee Read Diamond jewelry in the future.

When you purchase a Lee Read Diamonds engagement ring you become part of the Lee Read Family and we take care of family.

Here’s how we’re able to provide this service and other can’t.