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Lee Read
Care Plan

All Inclusive, lifetime care by The Ring Doctors at no charge to you!

1. Select a Lee Read Diamond and mount it in a Lee Read engagement setting.

2. We will keep it looking like new and do all gold work necessary at no charge to you for as long as you own it. 

3. No inspections required

*As a bonus we will even cover all the diamonds from loss for 1 year after any inspection if the loss is due to normal wear and tear. 

1. We sell only high quality, well-made setting that pass our rigorous quality inspection process.

2. We work directly with The Ring Doctors located in our store. They perform any work automatically each time you have your ring cleaned and inspected and they send us the bill. It’s preventive care for your jewelry.

3. We look forward to helping you celebrate other milestones your life with new Lee Read Diamond jewelry in the future.

When you purchase a Lee Read Diamonds engagement ring you become part of the Lee Read Family and we take care of family.

Here’s how we’re able to provide this service while others can’t.

Why don't all jewelry stores and online retailers make it easy for your to keep your ring looking new? And why do they want you to pay more to keep it looking great?

For one, most online retailers simply can't. They try to make up for this by trying to convince you they are saving you money that that's what's important. What they don't want you to think about is where is she going to have her ring serviced and how much is she going to have to pay herself to have it done. Buying an engagement ring online is like purchasing a new car without a local dealer to honor the warranty.


The national chain jewelers take a different approach. After you find a ring you can afford they talk you into buying an extended care plan. Just like at the auto dealership. This is a high-profit item and most include small print that says if she doesn't have her ring inspected by them every 6 months the warranty is void. They make money on you and then cancel it the first time she goes over her 6 month inspection. She is left paying for any repairs or buying a new care plan she has to keep up every 6 months.


Most local jewelers offer some type of limited care plan but again require those impossible to keep 6-month inspections. Why frankly they are a great way to get out of doing any work for free. All they have to say is, "I see it's been over 6 months since your last inspection and unfortunately this repair is no longer covered. Not all do this but you won't know until she walks in with an issue a year or so. 

At Lee Read, we make it easy and convenient for you to keep your ring and jewelry looking new with The Ring Doctors. Keep reading to learn more about them and the services we offer when others can't. 

How can Lee Read offer these services when others don't, won't, or can't? 


Lee Read engagement rings are more expensive. Yep, we cost more upfront, and here's why.

  1. We offer higher quality settings that are made better and they do cost more. They have more gold and the process of making them includes steps, like burnishing, that make them wear better. We also use more expensive alloys in the gold and again that gives the ring more life.

  2. We charge you a little more for each piece of Lee Read diamond jewelry so we don't have to charge her for keeping her diamond ring, diamonds bracket, or diamond pendant looking nearly new as long as he owns it.

  3. We have expert goldsmiths from The Ring Doctors located in our store. We arrange with them to give every piece of Lee Read diamond jewelry top priority and she is treated like a VIP every time she needs anything done to her engagement ring. She always moves to the front of the line, and they get it done, most times while she waits or the same day.

  4. We don't hide behind the required 6-month loophole. She can bring her Lee Read Diamond jewelry in for service when it is convenient for her. If she wants her ring cleaned and inspected every 6 months that's OK. If she waits a year or two and has loose stones or a broken prong the Ring Doctors take care of it at no charge to her. If she needs her ring sized up because she is expecting or for any reason, it's no charge, and The Ring Doctors will size it back down when she is ready at no charge to her. This level of service is why we charge a little more but it's also why a Lee Read engagement ring is worth so much more.

A brief look into what our "All-Inclusive" Lifetime Care Plan covers.

1. All Goldwork is needed due to normal wear and tear. We don't cover accidental damage or total loss of the ring.

2. Clean inspect and tighten any loose stones while you wait including new Rhodium on white gold at no charge for life.

3. All gold work is required for normal maintenance. Rebuild prongs, rebuild channels, new crowns, new shanks, resizing as often as needed, soldering ring together. 


Buy online and it's up to her to find a jeweler she can trust and then she has to pay for every little thing. Do you have a loose stone? You'll be charged for it. New Rhodium? There's a charge for that too. What about if it needs to be resized? You guessed it, also a charge too, and worst of all she may be waiting weeks to get her engagement ring back on her finger. The chain jewelers are happy to sell you an extended care plan because they make a lot of money doing it. But if you miss a 6-month inspection you are out of coverage. They will usually sell you another plan, and another plan and another plan. At Lee Read, we have The Ring Doctors located right in our store. They operate a state-of-the-art repair facility and they take care of all Lee Read Diamond Jewelry first.

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