We Help Keep Your Ring Looking Like The First Day You Slipped It On Your Finger

Every Lee Read Diamond purchase includes lifetime cleanings, refinishing and all gold work at no cost to you. And there are no required inspections.

Jewelry Care Doesn’t Have to Cost Extra

Why are jewelry care plans so confusing? Many stores boost profits by selling light weight setting and then charge extra for their care plans. To reduce their exposure and protect these profits, they require 6-month inspections for the plan to remain in effect.


At Lee Read we start with quality and then we have goldsmiths standing by to take care of your ring, usually while you wait. Bring your item in whenever it’s convenient and we’ll clean, inspect, refinish and it. We will also do any goldwork necessary at no charge to you for as long as you own the item.


As a special bonus,

To keep your ring looking it’s best we recommend you have it cleaned and checked once a year. Because we automatically complete all repairs, at no charge to you, every time we inspect it, we are happy to guarantee you won’t lose any diamonds from you ring for the following 12 months due to normal wear.


All you have to do is bring it in, let us make it look nearly new and we cover any diamonds that may be lost through normal wear. Don’t worry if you go over 12 months, we still will do the service necessary to put it in great shape at no charge to you and your bonus stone lose coverage starts over for the next 12 months.


The only thing we can’t protect you against is accidental damage or a mysterious disappearance, and we can give you some good resources that do that.


You’ll enjoy your ring as much 5, 10 or 20 years from now when it’s a Lee Read Diamond Engagement ring.

* If you purchased an item or Care Plan before March 1, 2021, please refer to your corresponding care plan details given at time of purchase.