What is your favorite part about your job?

What is a fun fact about yourself?



I truly enjoy helping each and every guest find their perfect diamond that reflects their one-of-a-kind relationship. I love helping create that one-of-a-kind moment that you and your loved one will remember forever. 

I was raised in a small mountain town of fewer than 700 people. I grew up spending my time outdoors in the mountains and playing any sport I could. When I am not helping you find the perfect diamond, I like to spend time with my wife and son traveling and checking out new places to eat. 


My favorite part about being a diamond matchmaker is hearing the love stories. I love hearing how the relationship started and being a part of the journey, whether it be picking out the perfect ring, birthday presents, or anniversary gifts.


My husband and I enjoy taking our 2 dogs out on walks and hiking. We just recently moved back to Boise after spending a few years in Atlanta. It was an amazing experience, but we are glad to be back home!


The best part of my job is helping people find the perfect ring.  Guests coming in are happy and starting their lives together, what's not to like about that? I also get to be a part of their memory of the day she found her perfect ring. 

I'm Italian, I love to make people smile and talk food!  I will help you find the perfect ring and you will be hungry when you leave here.


The very many nuances of natural diamonds bring me back to a childhood state of mind. I truly find them equally as fascinating as fossils and similarly, all diamonds hold billions of years of history. I get so much joy matching a person to their very own piece of history as they start their own story.


I'm a second-generation Idaho-an and I really love my life here. My husband and I have 2 Corgi's, Coyote and Pansy, and we love taking them around to our favorite local shops and swim spots.


The best part of my job is the ability to help people, whether that is helping find the perfect piece of jewelry or just having a conversation. People make this place what it is and it is wonderful!

I was born and raised here in Idaho haven't left yet. I'm married with 2 children, and they make up my whole world. I'm trying to give them experiences that I didn't get to have!


One of the things I love most about working at Lee Read Diamonds is continuing my family’s three-generation legacy. Being a part of one of the most special purchases people make is a wonderful honor. I love being part of my couple's love story. Creating custom pieces is my passion for those who want something unique and one of a kind.


I collect pressed pennies from all over the country.